[Video] 'Branding in the New Normal' by Think Branding with Google

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During my morning routine, I like to listen to podcasts or watch inspirational videos that get me excited and motivated to work hard throughout my week. Staying inspired is a great way to keep motivation up, and listening to industry leaders is one way that I accomplish this.

I recently came across this keynote by Think Branding with Google featuring Sasha Strauss, a global brand builder and MBA professor at both UCLA and USC. He is currently the Managing Director at Innovation Protocol, a branding service based in Southern California.

The Message

Strauss’ presentation was particularly inspirational to me because it is one of those moments where I got to stop and think, “oh yeah…maybe I’m approaching marketing the completely wrong way.” While his underlying message is one that I’ve heard before, it’s one that I often find myself forgetting, not because it’s forgetful, but because it’s hard to actually accomplish. As I manage marketing for multiple brands, and try and stay on top of my relationships with e-commerce retailers, it often becomes too easy to just shift back to the status quo.

However, the reason why I specifically decided to write about this multiple days after viewing the video is to encourage myself to constantly focus on the important message of the presentation. The one thing I came out of watching this video constantly telling myself is this: “There’s the topic, then there’s a way about the topic, and that’s actually what brands are built on.”

So, About That Topic

Essentially, the reason why large organizations such as religions and corporations succeeded for so long was because they allowed their members, or customers, to feel like they're a part of something. They all had a common topic that brought them together, and media that allowed them to discuss the topic. The thing is, now that we have social media, the game has completely changed, and very few marketers have fully grasped the new normal.

If you have about 40 minutes to spare, I strongly recommend watching (or at least listening) to Strauss’ presentation. Then, let’s start a discussion in the comments below, yea?

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