Marketing Campaigns

Marketing is as simple as throwing out a blog and posting a picture on Instagram once in a while...right?


A cohesive and well put-together marketing campaign can be the difference between brand apocalypse and absolute success. Here are a few examples of ones I put together over the years!


Pet Business Marketing Guide

Explanation: A free downloadable guide to pet business marketing in 2017 including digital tactics such as social media, website maintenance, and marketing plan creation.

Goal: Increase the number of leads from our website by 10% by the end of June, 2017.

Results: Currently, we have increased our leads 47% with 41% of those leads coming from eBook downloads

Collateral: [Blog Post 1], [Blog Post 2], [Blog Post 3], [Landing Page], [eBook]


Facebook Ad Competition

Explanation: Sales team were attending industry open houses and trade shows without gathering many leads. This resulted in low return on investment and frustrated clients. The competition allows show attendees to enter to win $50 in Facebook ad credit by giving us their information.

Goal: Increase number of qualified leads gathered from open house & trade shows by 50%

Results: Latest show resulted in an approximately 300% increase in number of leads gathered at recent open house event (based on average leads gathered) before campaign

Collateral: [Poster], [Landing Page], [Facebook Ad Instructions]


Sample Box Kit

Explanation: Sales and marketing team identified a need for a branded, well laid out sample kit that could be requested by distributor reps and key accounts within the industry. These boxes would contain samples of products that distributor reps and accounts either carried or were interested in carrying. They would also serve as a way to take sales qualified leads to the next step in the funnel.

Goal: For initial beta test of sample box program, our goal was to receive feedback from at least 50% of distributor reps chosen to receive the initial trial of boxes by the end of the trial period (March 15th, 2017).

Updated Goal: Now that the trial period has ended, our new goal is to turn 50% of sales qualified leads to receive the box into customers by the end of 2017.

Results: We received feedback from 49% of distributor reps that we could use to improve the box for future requests. No 

Collateral: [Sample Box Design], [Sample Box Interior Layout], [Introduction Sheet], [Example Flashcard], [Landing Page]