Case Studies

I don't just talk the sly marketing talk - I also walk the walk. In the last three years I've worked as a digital marketer, I've made a lasting impact on brands across various industries. These are the ones that stood out the most to me.


All Points Marketing - Pet Specialty Sales Agency

company overview

All Points Marketing is a pet product sales agency who has the unique capability of customizing a comprehensive business solution to maximize sales performance and consumer satisfaction. Their solutions range from short-term consulting and assistance with new product launches, to long-term corporate representation and retail merchandising support.

Their primary role is to create sales solutions for our pet product manufacturers. They focus on being influencers to create enthusiasm and support of their brands within the distributor community and larger regional retailers. They focus their manpower on the top 20% of the pet product dealers that make up 80% of the sales volume.


When I began working with All Points Marketing, the company had essentially no market or brand presence outside of word-of-mouth between long-time pet industry professionals. They focused solely on growing brands by using established relationships with pet specialty retailers and outbound sales strategies to bring in new partnerships with other retailers.

  • Content marketing: N/A - Very little value added to retailer partnerships
  • Social media: Used very little, no consistent voice or brand message
  • Branding: Brand image was recently updated but there was little being done to increase brand exposure within the pet industry
  • Inbound marketing: N/A - Strictly outbound methodologies

solutions & successes

Once I began working with All Points Marketing, I created an in-depth digital marketing strategy identifying key opportunities to build brand awareness, increase lead generation (for both clients and retailer partnerships), and implement an inbound marketing strategy to increase sales of clients' products.

In short, I took the following steps to achieve our goals:

  • Signed on with HubSpot's CRM, Marketing, and Sales tools and educated the team on inbound sales and marketing techniques
  • Designed an inbound funnel to attract retailer partnerships, convert them into leads through content upgrades such as eBooks, and nurture them into long-lasting relationships
  • Created an in-depth content strategy and began publishing weekly blog articles to build up organic traffic through SEO and referral traffic
    • The blog has since been picked up by a major "news feed" for the pet industry, WPA Newsfeed, which can be attributed to a large increase in leads generated
  • Began promoting published content on social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn while also mixing in content from well-known trade publications within the industry
  • Created two monthly newsletters:
    • All Points Cares - A pet industry newsletter targeted primarily at pet specialty retailers
    • The Point - A pet industry newsletter targeted primarily at pet product distributor sales reps

2017 results


Increase in web traffic YOY


Increase in blog traffic YOY


Increase in leads YOY

  • Increased overall website traffic by 128.6% year-over-year and blog traffic by 72.2%
    • Top traffic driver was organic traffic at 36% of web traffic and 1.9% conversion rate
    • Top converter was referrals at a 10.3% conversion rate at less than 1% of web traffic
  • Increased leads generated by 192.9% year-over-year and maintained 2.2% conversion rate
  • Grew one newsletter list by 276.4% and another by 55.2% strictly through self-opt-ins

Beachworks LLC - Family-Owned Real Estate Investment Company

company overview

Beachworks is a family-owned real estate investment company committed to helping Seattle move forward. Since 2007, they've been helping homeowners prepare for the next chapter of their lives. 

They provide homeowners in Western Washington with a friendly, professional, flexible, and straightforward solution to selling their home. They do this by maintaining approachable and efficient communications, producing quick, no-nonsense offers up front, and keeping integrity at the forefront of everything they do.


When I started working with Beachworks LLC, they had everything but a brand presence in the Seattle area. Although the company was growing fast, their branding and marketing initiatives were being left in the dust.

Among other things, Beachworks struggled with an out-dated brand identity and message and virtually no web presence. Their website consisted of one out-dated landing page and the Facebook page had a layer of dust on it from lack of use. It's safe to say any digital marketing and advertising was non-existent.

For print advertising, everything needed to be updated and redesigned to the new brand identity and improved for increased lead generation. This included signage, direct mailers, flyers, business cards, and internal messaging.

solutions & successes

Like I do with any other case, I started out by creating an in-depth marketing strategy identifying key opportunities to build brand awareness, create a thriving web presence, and increase lead generation for the acquisitions and development teams.

I took the following steps to achieve our goals:

  • Worked with the three primary stakeholders to design a new brand identity and updated messaging
  • Built out a self-hosted Wordpress website using the Divi theme including tactics to rank for local keywords to push organic traffic to site
  • Created and implemented a content strategy including key target personas, keywords relating to their needs, and a complete content calendar
  • Published weekly content on the blog tailored to researched keywords and personas to drive web traffic and generate quality leads
  • Implemented a social media strategy to push content out onto the Facebook page and drive website traffic
  • Redesigned key marketing materials such as signage, flyers and brochures, business cards, and direct mailers to stay consistent with new brand identity and messaging
 Beachworks' website before

Beachworks' website before

 Beachworks' website after

Beachworks' website after

results (first three months of website's launch)


Average organic traffic increase month-to-month


Average social media traffic increase month-to-month


Average increase in web traffic month-to-month Web Traffic

First three full months after website's launch

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