give your brand a voice

In a world where thousands of pieces of new content is being published every day and attention spans are growing shorter, it's more important than ever to craft high-quality, meaningful stories that resonate with your unique audience.

These days, it's no longer just a matter of rewriting something similar to your competitors; it's about having a unique voice and creating content that speaks directly to your audience. If you're tired of hitting "publish" and seeing nothing come from your efforts, it's time to try something new.

I specialize in helping creative woman-owned businesses connect with potential customers on a deeper level to build trust, promote loyalty, and ultimately work with you.


available packages


$990+ per month*

If you're looking for someone to just write a couple of blog articles for you, you might want to look elsewhere.

While the chapter package may not include a full content strategy, I plan the content ahead to ensure it works to achieve your end goal(s).

This package is great for those who already have a basic marketing/brand strategy in place and just need someone to create fresh and original content.


  • Quarterly content calendar

  • Weekly blog articles (1,000-1,500 words each)

  • SEO optimization


$1,270+ per month*

By now, you've heard blogging is good for your biz but you either have no idea where to start or have no time to dive in (hey, you've got an entire biz to run!).

This package includes a comprehensive content strategy to make sure your story is being discovered, and remembered, by your target audience.

This package is great for anyone just starting out in their content journey or looking to refresh their digital marketing strategy. 


  • Annual content strategy (sample)

    • Brand message & story development

    • Up to 3 buyer personas

    • Quarterly content calendar

  • Weekly blog articles (1,000-1,500 words each)

  • SEO optimization


$1,550+ per month*

Once you've got the right people on your website, how do you capture them as leads you can nurture and turn into customers?

This package combined content and inbound marketing to design one comprehensive inbound marketing campaign. You get the blogs, something for your leads to download, and the whole workflow that goes along with it.

This package is great for service companies looking to increase lead generation and improve the lead funnel.


  • Annual content strategy (sample)

    • Brand message & story development

    • Up to 3 buyer personas

    • Quarterly content calendar

  • Weekly blog articles (1,000-1,500 words each)

  • SEO optimization

  • Inbound lead nurturing campaign

    • Inbound strategy

    • 1 content download**

    • Lead nurturing workflow setup & up to 5 emails

*Minimum 3-month commitment required. Prices quoted are for 6-month commitment.

**Content download includes eBook (up to10 pages), whitepaper, worksheet, or template.


the process

step 1

After you've decided to work with me, we'll have your free 30-minute consultation. There, I'll learn all about your biz and what you're trying to accomplish to make sure we're the right fit for each other. If so, we'll go over the paperwork and get started!

step 2

Once all the t's are crossed and the i's are dotted, we'll have a kick-off call to cover what your ultimate goals are, what you're comfortable with, and what you'd like to convey. 

step 3

I'll send you a questionnaire with questions about your brand voice, your target audience, your backstory, your vision and mission statements, and your core values. 

step 4

Once that's complete, I will start putting together the content calendar and strategy (if included) by researching keywords, your customers' struggles, and coming up with a solution to meet their needs and show up where your customers are looking.

step 5

As soon as the strategy is completed and confirmed, we will get started with drafting the content. Each blog post may go through up to two rounds of revisions.


schedule your free 30-minute consultation

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“Ashley has been fabulous to work with! She listens to requirements and has a very fast and efficient turn-around on her projects. She is open to feedback and is extremely friendly and professional. I would certainly recommend Ashley to others.”
— Wendy A., Website Designer
“As a total novice to social media and content marketing, Ashley took nothing for granted and walked me through the basics step-by-step. I will use her services again, and recommend her to anyone else trying to start up a small business!”
— Jonathan W., Life Coach