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Storytelling is powerful because it allows you to put yourself in somebody else's shoes and see things from a different perspective than your own. We all have our own unique stories, backgrounds, and experiences. They're what makes us who we are and brings us closer together with those who resonate with them. 

Stories give us an opportunity to better relate to and communicate with others. They have the power to build these human connections and create memorable experiences.

Taking your brand from standard to noteworthy starts with the story you tell your customers. I help creative woman-owned businesses find their voice, tell their story, and connect with their customers so they can become successful.

So, what do you say, are you ready to take your brand to the next level? 


freelance copywriting services

website copywriting

$1,200+  (up to 6 pages w/ 2 revisions)

Your website can be your biggest sales person - but only if it's telling the right story.

I'll work closely with you to identify your target client and tell your story in a way that builds a connection between your brand and the customer.

That way, not only will you attract more people to your website, but you'll also build enough trust to get them to reach out to find out how they can work with you.


  • Google Doc with up to six pages of copy for your website

  • BONUS: Google Doc with strategy/brainstorm notes for marketing strategy use

landing page copywriting

$990+ (1 page w/ 3 variations included)

You put in the time to design a beautiful landing page with photos, a contact form, and information about the offer. Then, you click publish and hear the crickets. 

The thing is, unless you make it clear what your customer gets and why it solves their unique challenges, it doesn't matter how beautiful the end product is - they're simply not going to care.

I'll help you identify your customer's unique challenges. Then, we'll create three variations of your landing page and test each one for a few weeks to see which one works best. 


  • Landing page test strategy and brainstorm notes

  • Three landing page variations

  • Guided testing for max. two weeks per variation with detailed notes

ebook copywriting & design

$1,800+ (up to 15 pages included)

An eBook is a great way to build credibility and create loyal customers.

Whether you want to tell your story or create a guide on how to do what you do, I'll help you turn your thoughts and steps into words that practically dance off the page and into your customer's minds.

We'll figure out your end goal, brainstorm topics, and figure out what language your ideal audience resonates with most.

Then, I'll get down and dirty and write and design your eBook around your brand's visual style and voice with two rounds of revisions included to make sure the story is just right.


  • Google Doc version of eBook (1 round of revisions)

  • Final PDF and editable InDesign file of eBook (1 round of revisions)


the process

step 1

After you've decided to work with me, we'll have your free 30-minute consultation. There, I'll learn all about your biz and what you're trying to accomplish to make sure we're the right fit for each other. If so, we'll go over the paperwork and get started!

step 2

Once all the t's are crossed and the i's are dotted, we'll have a kick-off call to cover what your ultimate goals are, what you're comfortable with, and what you'd like to convey. 

step 3

I'll send you a questionnaire with questions about your brand voice, your target audience, your backstory, your vision and mission statements, and your core values. 

step 4

Once that's complete, I will get started with writing the first draft of the page including any relevant details and creating a story structure geared toward your target audience.

step 5

We'll go through up to two rounds of editing (additional rounds of edits may be added for $97/hr). The first one usually contains lots of cutting down and moving things around, and the second will be more refinement and detailing to get everything just right!


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“Ashley took a heaping pile of word salad that was pretending to be the copy of my ‘About Us’ page and transformed it into a clean and consistent message. She’s super easy to work with and gave my project a ton of attention for a very reasonable rate. I completely recommend her services.”
— Karen H., Jewelry Designer
“Ashley has been fabulous to work with! She listens to requirements and has a very fast and efficient turn-around on her projects. She is open to feedback and is extremely friendly and professional. I would certainly recommend Ashley to others.”
— Wendy A., Website Designer
“As a total novice to social media and content marketing, Ashley took nothing for granted and walked me through the basics step-by-step. I will use her services again, and recommend her to anyone else trying to start up a small business!”
— Jonathan W., Life Coach