you have a story to tell and a business to grow…

…but you can’t do either if you’re blending in with the crowd and failing to connect with your customers.

In a world where content is everywhere and consumers’ attention is so thin, standing out has become more difficult than ever. You’re writing blogs and throwing up Instagram posts every day hoping this will bring in the money you so desperately need to keep you from having to go back and get a “real” job.

You know you have something special, so why is differentiating yourself from your competitors so damn hard?

Standing out and connecting with your customers isn’t as hard as you think. It just requires telling your story in a strategic way that has your customers thinking: hey, this was made for me!

That's where I come in.


I help creative female entrepreneurs find their brand voice and use storytelling to build real connections with their customers.


brand storytelling for creative women-owned businesses

Your business is more than just the products you make and the services you sell. It's a living, evolving thing that makes you money and brings you the freedom and independence you deserve. You have a story to tell and, believe it or not, that story can be used to help your business stand out and make meaningful connections with your customers.

Telling that story is more than just publishing a funny dog meme every week or sending out a quick email once a month. It's about making that connection with your audience that keeps them coming back for more.

let’s tell your story, together:

brand strategy

mini + complete

A brand isn't just the logo - it's what people think of you when you're not in the room.


website + email + landing page + ebook

What is your website saying about who you are as a brand? How is it capturing your audience's attention and turning them into leads?

content marketing

content strategy + content creation

In a world where new content is being published every day and attention spans are growing shorter, it's more important than ever to craft high-quality, meaningful stories that resonates with your audience.


“Ashley took a heaping pile of word salad that was pretending to be the copy of my ‘About Us’ page and transformed it into a clean and consistent message. She’s super easy to work with and gave my project a ton of attention for a very reasonable rate. I completely recommend her services.”
— Karen H., Jewelry Designer
“Ashley has been fabulous to work with! She listens to requirements and has a very fast and efficient turn-around on her projects. She is open to feedback and is extremely friendly and professional. I would certainly recommend Ashley to others.”
— Wendy A., Website Designer
Ashley Hoffman has been a fantastic resource as a copywriter, collaborator and freelance/entrepeneur inspiration. She clearly puts her all into everything she does and genuinely cares about helping in whatever way she can. She always manages to check-in right when I’m in need, like she has a sixth sense about it. I am so glad I stumbled upon her in my search for a copywriter. I imagine we’ll have some sort of creative, collaborative, working relationship for a long time to come!
— Ashley W., Graphic Designer

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