Why Successful Designers Use Content Marketing

Imagine this: you wake up in the morning, make your first (of at least three) cup of coffee, check your email, and find multiple inquiries from potential leads who are presenting you with opportunities to do your best work.

After a few days, you have enough opportunities lined up that you're able to start being picky about the jobs you do, ensuring you're only working on projects that you truly believe in.

Not only does this boost your productivity, but your results end up looking better than ever because you actually care about the work you're doing.

How can you get to this stage? It all starts with content marketing.

Example Case Study

Think of it like this: let's say you're in the market for a new car. One day, you're scrolling down your Facebook feed and suddenly you see an ad for a brand new car model from AwesomeCar dealership (I know, so original). You've never heard of this car before, but all it says is: "Great car for sale today!"

The likelihood is that you'll keep scrolling past it, as there was no story to capture your attention. However, even if you did click on the link out of curiosity, you would find that their site is nearly blank other than a few photos of the car and a "buy now" button.

How likely would you be to buy that car?

Now imagine that ad had a story to it. You're scrolling down your news feed, viewing new baby after engagement photo after cat photo, and you come upon a sponsored article telling the story of how one designer boosted their self esteem, and therefore their productivity, by upgrading five things in their life. 

By now, you're more likely to click the "learn more" button to find out what five things this designer upgraded in their life so you can go do the same.

You come to find out that they upgraded to a new car that not only had better gas mileage at a cheaper price, but also gave them the confidence they needed by driving a car that was well-designed and showed off who they are as a person.

At this point, you're more willing to click the link to learn more about the car.

Low-and-behold, after reading a few more helpful articles, you decide that this car is the right car for you, and you schedule a visit to AwesomeCar dealership. Bing bang boom, new car.

Putting it into Perspective

So, admittedly, you're not a car salesman - you're a designer. How does this apply to you? 

Notice how I mentioned AwesomeCar's website only had images of their cars and a "buy now" button. This is reminiscent of how many designers opt for a simple portfolio-style website, like this one.

While there's nothing wrong with this style to show off your work, it's not going to work very hard to get you new clients.

Let's say you're a graphic designer who specializes in creating branded content (logos, flyers, posters, etc.) for clients in the fashion industry. While your website will certainly want to include a page of work you've done in the past (aka your portfolio page), you certainly don't want to limit it to just that. 

Instead, your homepage will be used as an overall summary of the services you offer, with easily clickable calls-to-action that drives your leads to learn more.

Do you offer one-off logo designs? Let your website visitors know how they can find out more, and then on a separate page, tell them more about it.

Additionally, you'll want to create a host of content that you post consistently on your website to draw in, engage, and educate potential leads.

For example, you can do an article on top logo design trends for fashion brands in 2017 and include call-to-actions within the post leading back to where they can learn more, and inquire about, your logo design services.

See how it all works together? Content is a lead generation machine!

Getting Awesome Content

I'm willing to bet that, as a designer, you just want to do what you do best: design kick ass projects. That's completely understandable! Fortunately for you, there's plenty of ways to outsource your content creation. 

Outsourcing isn't always easy, but lately there's a few places that make it a little easier to find copywriters and content marketers who are willing to help. Some of these services include:

If you're looking to outsource your content marketing, you're in the right spot. I just happen to be a content marketing guru who specializes in content creation and marketing strategy for bad ass creative designers such as yourself.

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