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Making products requires a lot of work. You have to worry about sourcing, manufacturing, product development, quality control, retailers, and so much more. With so much going on, it's hard to make marketing a priority. Yet, without it, it's difficult to find the right customers to buy your products and stick around for more.

Fortunately, choosing the right digital marketing services for your business is as easy as ordering a pizza - except it's healthier for your business...and you!

make your brand stand out

Telling a clear and cohesive brand story requires a mix of strategy, creation, and promotion. During your free consultation, we'll dive into what you've tried, where you've seen success, and where your biggest struggles lie. From there,  I'll send you a custom proposal tailored specifically to you.


  • Digital marketing strategy
    • Includes target market outline, competitors analysis, SWOT analysis, promotion strategy, etc.
  • Content strategy
    • Includes topic brainstorming, keyword research, SEO optimization, and quarterly content calendar
  • Brand storytelling & strategy
    • Includes vision statement, values, mission, value proposition, voice, positioning, etc.


  • Content creation
    • Includes blogs, eBooks worksheets, etc.
  • Website copywriting & SEO
  • Basic website audit & redesign
    • Designed with Squarespace
  • Email marketing
    • Includes setup & creation and one newsletter per month


  • Social media monitoring and engagement
  • Digital advertising
    • Facebook ad creation + optimization 
    • Google AdWord creation + optimization
    • Includes one A/B tested ad per quarter + weekly monitoring & reporting

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