Writing Samples

Writing is fun isn't it?? Well, some people may not think so - but I certainly do. All those hours of chugging coffee and staring at a computer screen while my cat constantly jumps on my lap (I just don't have time, Kitty!) become so worth it the second I hit the "publish" button and get to see my work live and ready to change people's lives! Err, that's the goal, anyway.

I fully believe in using inbound methods to capture leads and turn them into customers. I mean, how awesome is it that a well-written article, eBook, and/or whitepaper can ultimately turn into $$? 

Outside of my personal blog, I've worked with companies to create campaigns and bring new leads into sales funnels and so forth. Of course, the first step to any of that was to create in-depth marketing and content strategies with SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, timely) goals and following them through with keen execution. 

With that said, here's just some of my favorite articles I've written. 

4 Artificial Intelligence Developments Marketers Need to Watch

(Ashley Hoffman)

Why Choose WordPress & Divi for your next website?

(FigTree Design Studio)


The Pet Store's Guide to Engaging Millennial Employees

(All Points Marketing)

Pet Business Marketing Guide - Creating a Marketing Plan

(All Points Marketing)

5 Ways to Become a Mobile Friendly Pet Store

(All Points Marketing)

Is E-Commerce a Threat to the Pet Industry?

(All Points Marketing)

6 Pet Food Trends Every Pet Professional Needs to Know

(All Points Marketing)

How to Identify a High Quality Small Animal Food

(All Points Marketing)

Pet Store Spotlight Introduces Pet Supply Port

(All Points Marketing)

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